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Brown Thomas is one of Dublin’s premier institutions, their Grafton Street premises is one of the most recognisable and luxurious in the city. So when it comes to cleaning carpets and upholstery, they need the best. When they approached SMC Group, we were more than happy to help keep their interiors fresh and clean.

The Problem

Brown Thomas has a reputation, and this means that there is no margin for error. The interiors of their premises need to be maintained and treated on a microscopic level. When it comes to their carpets and upholstery, a quick run with a vacuum doesn’t cut it for Ireland’s most prestigious department stores. They need a regular commercial cleaning company that can meet the highest of standards. From eco-friendly products and solutions to a professional approach, SMC Group was prepared.

The Solution

After a consultation with the management team in Brown Thomas, SMC Group drew up a plan to provide a clean, safe, eco-friendly and time-sensitive solution to their problem. Using advanced low pressure, steam techniques, SMC Group was able to not just clean the carpets and upholstery but protect the surfaces and prolong the life of the fabrics.

Why is our method effective?

We used eco-friendly products that don’t cause any damage to the property and special preservation techniques to not only provide clean, sanitized and fresh carpets and fabrics but also help protect and preserve the life of the carpets and fabrics.

We carried out the works in a staged, managed process over three evenings to ensure an even result, minimum disruption to the business and provide ample time for drying and anti-allergen treatments to take effect.

Cleaning Specification

We have the best systems in place to ensure that all works are carried out to industry standards, meet and even go above and beyond the client’s needs and requirements. Our team will assess the scope of the job at hand and provide a full cleaning specification assessment including job specifics, cost analysis, task breakdown, waste management report, certification and quality measures, weather report, risk analysis, equipment and material specification, schedule and reporting as well as a post-works maintenance plan and schedule.


“The best around. We’ve used a few different cleaning companies over the years and about 5 years ago we hired SMC Group and haven’t looked back. We have very precise schedules and it’s quite a delicate balance, but without fail the team accommodate us every time. Nobody else gave us that kind of care and attention.”

Dublin’s Best Carpet Cleaning Company

SMC Group has been providing eco-friendly and rapid drying professional carpet cleaning in Dublin City and Greater Leinster for over 20 years. Our team of technicians are trained in the latest techniques and safety procedures, making them the most skilled carpet cleaning and stain protection professionals in the country. We cater for all commercial businesses, including the hospitality, health, financial, education, retail, industrial and government sectors.

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