Who We Are

Our History

SMC Group was established in Dublin in July 2002 by directors Philip Scallan, Kevin Mills and Mark Conlon. The goal was simple, to provide an industry-leading commercial cleaning service unmatched by anyone else.

As of 2021, we have long since reached that goal and continue to grow rapidly, setting new standards and implementing new measures and techniques to be the best we can be. Our success is down to the dedication and quality of our team, our methods and strong leadership.

Our services include window cleaning, façade cleaning, power washing, graffiti removal, hard floor restoration, carpet and fabric cleaning and more. We provide these services to multiple sectors and industries including hospitality, financial, leisure, retail, industrial, health, government, and education.

SMC Group Reputation

What they say about us

We have worked with SMC Group for over 5 years now and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the hospitality sector. The attention to detail is excellent.

The Maldron Hotel

We have a very strong relationship with Mark and the team at SMC Group. They do a lot of work for us and have done so for a long time. They’re very flexible and the work is impeccable.

Brown Thomas

Night or day, no matter what, SMC Group has been available to us. We fully recommend them for large-scale department stores and beyond. Our windows always look amazing. Thanks!


Our facade, windows, curtains and carpets have never looked as good since we hired SMC Group. Like clock-work they’re there to keep our premises shining to the high standards we’ve set.

The Shelbourne Hotel

Where would we be without Kevin and his team at SMC Group, especially Gavin. The work they do removing graffiti for us is the best we've seen. Hands down. Amazing results every time.

Irish Rail

Why Choose Us?


SMC Group sets the highest standards for cleaning services throughout Dublin and Leinster by offering efficient, eco-friendly and flexible solutions. We are the most reliable cleaning and restoration company in Dublin.


From Window and façade cleaning to carpets and fabrics, SMC Group has the skills and the team to provide best-in-class cleaning services that have evolved through more than 20 years. 


SMC Group technicians have completed a minimum of six months of the latest and best training available to ensure they provide the best cleaning and restoration service to all customers. 


From customer service and operations right down to our technicians, every job is a priority with SMC Group. We have invested in industry-leading techniques, like vehicle tracking and quality assurance evaluations.


Here at SMC Group, customer satisfaction is fundamental to our success. Since 2011 we have been widely recognised as the leading specialist cleaning company in Dublin. 

Meet the Team

SMC Group has invested heavily in our team and it shows. Over the years, we have placed special emphasis on sourcing, training and nurturing the most talented and dedicated commercial cleaning and administration team in the country. When it comes to your business, you deserve the best.


Kevin Mills

Kevin is one of the founding directors of SMC Group. While he's busy organising at the highest level, he's an instinctive problem solver and helps to oversea the smooth operation of the business and the ensure the client's needs are met.

Mark Conlon

Mark is an Owner and Director and heads up the Marketing and Innovating team. He specialises in Business Development, Marketing and the Customer Experience. Mark sets high standards and leads by example. .

Philip Scallan

Philip is one of our founding directors and a passionate and exceptional restoration professional. When he's not in the office, you'll find him on his tools, helping the team. You may also find him on the golf course from time to time...
Operations Manager

Del Croft

Del manages the Renew team, the schedule and day to day running of all domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. He's a specialist in people management, business development and client and customer relations.
Operations Manager

Anthony Kemple

Anthony comes to SMC Group with a wealth of knowledge and experience with regards to facade cleaning, stone restoration, exterior cleaning solutions, graffiti removal, anti-slip soltuions and pressure washing. He's friendly, passionate and eager to find the best solutions for our clients.
Services Co-Ordinator

Kellie Spratt

Kellie is the services co-ordinator for our stone and tile cleaning and restoration division. She's funny and intelligent and always willing to share her extensive knowledge to the team. Kellie's duties vary from answering customer queries and calls to managing the schedule and day to day operations of our tile and stone team.
Advanced Tile and Stone Technician

Sean Grainger

Sean is one of our most advanced tile and stone technicians and it shows. His work speaks for itself as he consistently delivers a high standard of service to our customers. From marble to limestone, Sean knows how to clean, restore and seal even the toughest of stone surfaces.
Advanced Commercial Cleaning Technician

Ray Doyle

Ray is one of our most enthusiastic and highly trained technicians. His expert knowledge and problem solving skills means he consistently delivers high-quality results. He is popular among our customers.
Advanced Window Cleaning Technician

Chris Ducia

Chris specialises in window and facade cleaning. He is one of our most advanced and highly skilled technicians, with a passion for his work and delivery top resutls.
Business Development Manager

Carrie O'Brien

Carrie heads up our Business Development initiatives and operations. Her postive attitude, friendly nature and problem solving skills make her very popular with our clients and staff alike. Her sage-like knowledge make her popular for problem solving advice among the team.
Senior Commercial Cleaning Technician

Gavin McDermott

Gavin is one of our leading and most experienced technicians. His is a valued member of the team and always makes himself available for the customer. He specialises in window cleaning, exterior stone cleaning, graffiti removal and hard floor restoration.
Customer Services Manager

Rebecca Gilligan

Rebecca is the Customer Services Manager for all of our divisions. She manages the co-ordinator team, making sure the customer is at the heart and soul of everything Renew does.
Account Manager and Business Development

Mark Boland

Mark is one of our longest serving employees and you'll know this by his versatility. His techincal knowledge and skills make him an excellent account manager as well as a technician. Make is very popular with our clients as he consistently delivers a best in class experience.
Marketing Manager

Alan Pepper

Alan looks after the day to day marketing of the company. From social media, advertising and websites, to printing and events, you can be sure Alan is working away in the background.
Services Co-Ordinator

Karla Hickey

From answering customer queries and calls to managing the schedule and day to day operations of our commercial cleaning and restoration team, Karla wears a lot of hats. She is resutls driven and customer focused and a favourite with our customers and staff alike.
Warrne SMC Group
Advanced Power Washing Technician

Warren Desmond

Warren is a valued member of the SMC Industrial team, and is one of our most talented, dedicated and passionate technicians. He is painter by trade, and ironically specialises removing paint in our graffiti removal and power washing division.
Darren Graham Bio
Advanced Carpet and Fabric Cleaning Technician

Darren Graham

Darren's results speak for themselves as he consistently receives 5-star reviews from our clients for his skill, friendliness and willingness to go above and beyond for our clients.
Office Manager and Team Leader

Lauren Carroll

Lauren is our office manager and also is a highly valuable and loved team leader to our co-ordinators. She's friendly and organised and will makes it her business to ensure all clients and customers are happy.
Advanced Tile and Stone Restoration Technician

Ryan Carroll

Ryan is one of our top tile and stone restoration experts, with specialist knowledge in cleaning, polishing and honing natural stone. He's a real people person and will go out of his way to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied.
Financial Controller

Tracey Humphries

Tracey is our Financial Controller and heads up the finance team, ensuring the financial ledgers and processes are maintained to the highest standard.
Senior Commercial Cleaning Technician

Derek Whelan

Derek is one of our most experienced and skilled technicians. He's good humoured and knowledgeable which makes him a very positive influence on the team When it comes to carpets and fabrics, Derek is unmatched in the quality of his work and his dedication to our customers.

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