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SMC Group has been providing commercial facade cleaning services in Dublin City and Greater Leinster for over 30 years. Our team of technicians are trained in the latest techniques and safety procedures, making them the most skilled professional façade and cladding cleaning professionals in the country. We cater for all commercial businesses, including the hospitality, health, office, education, retail, industrial and government sectors.

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What they say about us

We have worked with SMC Group for over 5 years now and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the hospitality sector. The attention to detail is excellent.

The Maldron Hotel

We have a very strong relationship with Mark and the team at SMC Group. They do a lot of work for us and have done so for a long time. They’re very flexible and the work is impeccable.

Brown Thomas

Night or day, no matter what, SMC Group has been available to us. We fully recommend them for large-scale department stores and beyond. Our windows always look amazing. Thanks!


Our facade, windows, curtains and carpets have never looked as good since we hired SMC Group. Like clock-work they’re there to keep our premises shining to the high standards we’ve set.

The Shelbourne Hotel

Where would we be without Kevin and his team at SMC Group, especially Gavin. The work they do removing graffiti for us is the best we've seen. Hands down. Amazing results every time.

Irish Rail

Why Choose Us?


SMC Group sets the highest standards for cleaning services throughout Dublin and Leinster by offering efficient, eco-friendly and flexible solutions. We are the most reliable cleaning and restoration company.


From window and façade cleaning to carpets and fabrics, SMC Group has the skills and the team to provide best-in-class cleaning services that have evolved through more than 20 years. 


SMC Group technicians have completed a minimum of six months of the latest and best training available to ensure they provide the best cleaning and restoration service to all customers. 


From customer service and operations right down to our technicians, every job is a priority with SMC Group. We have invested in industry-leading techniques, like vehicle tracking and quality assurance evaluations.


Here at SMC Group, customer satisfaction is fundamental to our success. Since 2011 we have been widely recognised as the leading specialist cleaning company in Dublin. 

The Most Advanced Facade Cleaning Techniques

The Soft Approach

We strive to get your facades clean as the day they were installed with the softest possible approach. That is, without using any harsh chemicals on your property. This protects your property and the environment.

Facade Protection

A lot of companies forgo protection but on certain façade types we wholeheartedly recommend protecting the surface with anti-graffiti, moisture protection and oil and grease protection.

Reach Wash System

We apply a biocide to remove contamination such as lichen, algae and fungus using extendable poles and a special tank attached to the power washing apparatus.

Chemical Clean

Some facades are beyond mild cleaning, like iron staining (rust-like) and require a harsh chemical approach. We do our best to use as small a solution as possible to minimise the environmental impact.

Moisture Protection

Rain can penetrate facades and cause cracking when they freeze in the winter months. We use a penetrating sealer to provide protection against moisture and graffiti.


Depending on the size of the building and the location we can use various different approaches including cherry pickers, abseiling and scaffolding to clean and restore your façade. 

The Team

SMC Group has invested heavily in our team and it shows. Over the years, we have placed special emphasis on sourcing, training and nurturing the most talented and dedicated commercial cleaning and administration team in the country. When it comes to your business, you deserve the best.

Services co-ordinator

Karla Hickey

From answering customer queries and calls to managing the schedule and day to day operations of our commercial cleaning and restoration team, Karla wears a lot of hats. She is resutls driven and customer focused and a favourite with our customers and staff alike.
Senior Commercial Cleaning Technician

Gavin McDermott

Gavin is one of our leading and most experienced technicians. His is a valued member of the team and always makes himself available for the customer. He specialises in window cleaning, exterior stone cleaning, graffiti removal and hard floor restoration.
Warrne SMC Group
Advanced Graffiti Removal Technician

Warren Desmond

Warren is a valued member of the SMC Industrial team, and is one of our most talented, dedicated and passionate technicians. He is painter by trade, and ironically specialises removing paint in our graffiti removal and power washing division.
Power Washing Dublin

Case Study

Ryanair Headquarters

Ryanair approached SMC Group about having the exterior facades of their building in Airside cleaned, including front and back of building. They area was over 200sq meters, with special care to be taken with no damage to the façade or building in general.

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How much does facade cleaning cost?

Our competitive prices are calculated based on the work required. This can vary depending on the size of the area and the type of facade cleaning/restoration required.

Are you eco-friendly?

We specialise in water conservation and treatment, like high pressure/low water washing, water recycling and rainwater harnessing and treating. We use the safest products and dispose of all waste responsibly.

How often should I clean my facades?

You should be professionally cleaning your facades every 1 to 3 years, depending on the type of facade, as some facades are more porous than others. It also depends on the build-up of moss, algae and lichens.

Is professional facade cleaning worth it?

First impressions are lasting. Your business must look its best. Naturally, this applies to your facades and cladding. When it comes to commercial façade cleaning, a lot of experience, training, health and safety procedures, insurance, and specialist equipment/vehicles/products are required.

Why do I need facade cleaning?

One of the main reasons for facade cleaning is the long-term damage that contamination can cause to your premises. Some facades take in more moisture than others, and, over time this causes the façade to break down and crack.

How do I choose a facade cleaning company?

It’s important that when choosing a facade and cladding cleaning company that you make sure that they are a legitimate business with insurance, training, certifications and guarantees in place. SMC Group is a fully registered, insured, highly trained and experienced Façade Cleaning company.

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