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31 Leeson Street | Tile and Stone Restoration


After a taxing period of lockdown in April 2021, Number 31 Leeson Street approached SMC Group to do a full clean and restoration of their natural stone bathrooms in anticipation of a grand re-opening. Number 31 is one of the most beloved and luxurious Dublin hotels, renowned for its laid-back luxury vibe.

The Problem

Due to extensive lockdowns and general wear and tear, the natural stone bathrooms needed professional care. Floors and vanity areas were stained, faded and in need of extensive restoration. Soap damaged surfaces required immediate attention. Stone shower walls, including fixings and glass enclosures showing visible efflorescence and moisture damage.

The Solution

After consultation with facilities management in Number 31 Leeson Street, SMC Group drew up a plan to provide a clean, safe, eco-friendly and time-sensitive solution to their problem. SMC Group was able to not just clean and restore the damaged and dirty stone but provided a full, professional polish and seal, which helped to bring out the natural beauty of the stone and further protect it from future damage.

Why is our method effective?

We used eco-friendly products that don’t cause any damage to the natural stone and special preservation techniques to not only provide a clean, streak-free surface but used a cleaning technique that minimises water usage and pressure which further protects the surfaces. We worked in the early hours of the morning to minimise disruption to the general running of the hotel.

Job Specification

We have the best systems in place to ensure that all works are carried out to industry standards, meet, and even go above and beyond the client’s needs and requirements. Our team will assess the scope of the job at hand and provide a full cleaning specification assessment including job specifics, cost analysis, task breakdown, waste management report, certification and quality measures, weather report (where needed), risk analysis, equipment and material specification, schedule and reporting as well as a post-works maintenance plan and schedule.


“We found SMC Group online, and send them an email on a Monday morning, expecting to wait a while to be contacted. We received a call in a matter of minutes, which was very impressive, and by the early afternoon, Mark was here to assess. He provided a full breakdown of the works, and the team was on the job first thing the following morning. They were in and out in no time and the price was more than reasonable for what we needed. We would fully recommend SMC to anyone in the Hospitality Sector.”

Dublin's Best Tile and Stone Restoration Service

SMC Group has been providing tile and stone cleaning and restoration services in Dublin City and Greater Leinster for over 20 years. Our team of technicians are trained in the latest techniques and procedures, making them the most skilled tile and stone cleaning professionals in the country. We cater for all commercial businesses, including the hospitality, health, office, education, retail, industrial and government sectors.

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